A2T – Touchscreens

Experience 4K

4K Resolution

That's an amazing 3840 x 2160 pixels and 16.7 million colours.

IR 20 touch*

Allows up to 10 users to simultaneously manipulate and move objects on the interactive display surface.

HDMI/PC inputs

Five HDMI inputs plus an HDMI output.

Built-in dual 15W speakers

Great sound for your classroom or boardroom.

USB media player and PVR

Easily get your content on the big screen. Supports video, Powerpoint etc.

5 Year Warranty

Peace of mind.

Android Operating System 8.0 Built In

Download and install Apps.

Slot in a PC

The OPS slot is standard on all models making the integration of attaching the optional slim line PC an easy installation.

We've got your size

From 55" to 98"

Whether you have a small classroom to a large viewing space, we have the touchscreen to meet your requirements.

A2T 55" Touchscreen...

• Small classrooms • Mobile trolleys

A2T 65" Touchscreen

• Small classrooms • Mobile trolleys • Standard size rooms

A2T 75" Touchscreen

• Meeting rooms • Standard size classrooms • Larger viewing spaces

A2T 86" Touchscreen

• Larger viewing spaces

A2T 98" Touchscreen

• Larger viewing spaces

*Windows only. 10 touch for Android. Single touch on Mac OSX.

Is A2T a good fit for you?